we walk separately most days.  charlie first and evie next.  it always feels weird to leave one behind but i think they get it and once we’re on our way, the decision feels right…

i fight with charlie bear on walks.  we have always had a love/hate thing with the leash and i just can’t bring myself to put him in the gentle leader any more (not that it ever helped him much).  you’ll hear me cussing him up and down the street, all around the neighborhood but i think we have an understanding at this point.  i yell at him for sharply pulling my arm sideways and trying to eat poop out of leaf piles and he looks at me all bossy and side-eyed every 20 feet or so as he stops for territorial pees.  for an old man, he is surprisingly strong (and stubborn) and i love seeing how much spunk this precious fella still has…

evie is a more passive walking partner.  she stays by my side or behind me for the most part and we move at a steady clip.  that said, i haven’t yet figured out how she sizes up the neighbor-pups as quickly as she does, following up with either a crazy killer-dog lunge or super-happy whimpers suggesting she wants to stop and play.  so we have our own struggles as we move through the neighborhood.  but her spunk shows, too, and for this, i’m so thankful.


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